The Story of Bipolar Sparkle

Hey there gorgeous!

My name is Zhanna, and I'm the founder of Bipolar Sparkle, a brand to unite mental health awareness and the beauty of shining.

As you can guess, I have bipolar disorder (along with anxiety) and actually, I decided to create this store during one of my manic episodes. While my expectations were not realistic during this time, after mania passed I realized that this idea had a lot of potential: a little sparkle can truly shine a light in your life, and even during the dark times there is hope, and small bits of happiness are crucial while they last.

It took me almost half a year of research, constant late-night tests, kilograms of glitter all over my place, reading all the books and forums that I could find, obsessing over the formula, texture, and the right angle for photos, until it slowly came together.

I wanted it to be something unique and truly handmade with care, taking into account not only wearable qualities but also all the sensory issues that neurodivergent people often have. I wanted it to shine brightly, glide smoothly and also be sensory issues-free. It took me ages to figure it out just right, but it's so worth it. Most of all I wanted it to be accessible for Australians - both location-wise and of course money-wise - adulthood is insanely pricey, and a little sparkle is totally necessary to stay sane.

I believe beauty should be inclusive: it's about joy, it's about being yourself, it's about creating happy memories. And I'm so proud of myself for taking this journey. Thank you for choosing my brand to sparkle up your life!

You can find me personally on social media, where I occasionally share behind-the-scenes insights into creating my cosmetic brand.

Bipolar Sparkle Facebook group is here:

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